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As a Christian, I was educated from an early age on just how precious life is, at any stage. Whether within the womb or in a Mother's arms, I firmly believe that life is a gift from God and should be preserved. As a voice for the voiceless, I will fight for the unborn.



With our children being our future, it is imperative that we as a community, state, and nation ensure that our children have the best route possible to succeed. As schools across this state become unaccredited, it is clear that there is a problem with our education system. It is also clear that the so-called "Critical Race Theory" propaganda being pushed in schools attempts to divide students and rewrite our nation's history.

As your State Senator, I will attack these problems by listening to parents, teachers, and students to determine where we need to focus. Rather than lower educational expectations, let's raise the bar high and see to it that our children can surpass those high expectations.



The 2nd Amendment was enacted by our founding fathers to preserve the right to keep and bear firearms. This right was not solely limited to sport, but also extended to self-defense. According to our founding father, this right shall NOT be infringed. However, many elected officials believe that this right should not only be infringed, but altogether deleted from our Constitution. It will be my duty to ensure your 2nd Amendment rights are preserved within this great State. As an avid hunter, sportsman, and NRA member, I am soundly apprised of the necessity to keep and bear firearms. As your State Senator, I will advocate that this right be preserved for the people of my district and the people of Missouri.



Following the "Affordable Care Act," many in Missouri were left with higher premiums, higher deductibles, or no insurance at all. I firmly believe that, rather than obligate our nation partake in a socialized system, we must focus our efforts at market-based solutions, which would likely decrease the cost of healthcare to all. Lastly, looking at expanding the roles of Nurse Practitioners within this state, similar to neighboring states excelling in providing affordable healthcare to the masses, would likely provide a wide net of affordable and accessible healthcare to all Missourians.



More regulations and red-tape does not promote job creation. What it does is encourage businesses to pack up and move to a more business-friendly state. Our state legislature must ensure that this state is one in which is conducive to job creation and businesses. Our tax system should also not punish businesses in a manner that scares them out of our state. Rather, we need to reform the unnecessary regulations and restructure our unfair tax system.



This country was founded by men and women with Judeo-Christian beliefs and values. Somehow, since the founding of this nation, individuals are being persecuted for expressing those very values. While our Constitution grants us the ultimate freedom to express and practice our religions, we need to pay careful attention on attempts to circumvent this freedom. As a practicing Catholic, I am not afraid to express my faith or love of God, and am not afraid to remind this country of our Godly roots.



My great-great grandfather Schroer immigrated to this country from Hannover, Germany. His journey to this country was fueled by the opportunity and safety which this country afforded him. Without a system of checks and balances to ensure those coming into this country pose no threat to national security, future generations may not be able to tell similar stories of their ancestors. Therefore, while immigration needs to be encouraged, it needs to be sufficiently monitored and maintained. 



Not only is our tax system within Missouri too complicated, it is outdated. While most Missourians making an adjusted gross income over $9,000 annually are hit with the highest tax bracket, nothing has been done to resolve this issue. A healthy audit of our spending needs to occur so that we can stop wasteful spending. Using a fiscally responsible and conservative approach will lead to less taxes being extracted from your hard earned pay.



As a public servant, I am of the staunch belief that those in public office need to focus on those they serve rather than figuring out ways they can benefit from their position. As your advocate, I not only stand up for positions and issues which you have voiced your opinion on, I have also had the opportunity to honor those in our district that have done great things which make our communities some of the best in the State!



Both of my grandfathers were veterans in the United States military. I have witnessed first-hand the difficulty associated with attempting to receive appropriate assistance through the VA. My grandfather, as well as many of my friends, have had incredible issues receiving the care they need from the VA and John Cochran Medical Centers. Too many service members have put their lives on the line abroad to allow lives to crumble here in the States. We need to hold those accountable who have allowed the VA and John Cochran Medical Centers to erode. We MUST find a way to better care for our service members.



The oldest highway in the nation runs through the Show Me State. As we are the Gateway to the West, it is evident that our roads get frequently used by tourists, travelers, and every one of us. However, while the safety and maintenance of our roadways is a huge concern to me, I firmly believe we need to be more fiscally conservative with how we are using our tax dollars. As your State Senator, I will look at ways to keep our bridges, roads, and highways safe in the most fiscally conservative manner possible.



My great-great grandfather Schroer was a farmer. My great grandfather Schroer was a farmer. My grandfather purchased a farm in Fayette, MO, and began farming the land many years ago. That property remains in our family to this day and is still farmed. With agriculture being the biggest industry in the state, it is imperative that we encourage and support our farmers. 

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